Dog God. Three years ago he was diagnosed with epilepsy, and he gets this horrible episodes every 2 months, sometimes less than that. Many times I’ve been asked why don’t I put him to sleep? Is not an option for me, is the dog I’ve got and we’ll just deal with it together…  

The universe immerse in his eyes, the mistery of his thoughts, the bravery of his heart, makes him unique. 

"If life gives you lemons…" I’ll tell you what you can do, think about how you would like to present them, then, get your geat out, camera, flashes, strobes, triggers, and experiment with light until you nail what you had in mind…that, my good friend, is called success….then make some margaritas

Lost Muse. The quest can be rough and you can die just right there at the piano…every night like Icarus.

Les rêves des sorcières. What do the witches and sorcerers dream about?, are they all bad and evil?, do they love? What’s on their minds? are they to anticipate their own future?, is theirs written on the stars as ours, the mortals?I’ve grown in love of the witches and gypsies, in love of what they represent, I personally do not believe in any of these magics, but I observe and listen, fascinated…

Pieds. Stand your ground

Hearts like ours. Every sunday, many families from all over town (and beyond borders) converge at this place. You can have a taste of the real Juarez through out the elements of this cultural equation; the food, the couples grabbing hands, the “urban entertainers”, and of course the children running thru the place, the loud laughs coming from everyone in this pulsing bowl of happyness.

"Food without hospitality is just medicine". Last week we went to a restaurant to do a real world practice on commercial photography. We were presented to many dishes, but not food was offered nor given. Hey! we are professionals, true, but we were hungry. We were hungry professionals 

Strawberries. Missing the champagne

Ocean of lights. It’s been quite a while since the last time I got up there - It makes you feel this bittersweet feeling of being such a small story of this ocean of light, but at the same time this voice in your head whispering “You are part of this”

Solitude. You can feel it as you walk around these lonely streets on sunday evening, something I’ve never experienced in my hometown (juarez, mexico). You see cars parked around, but no people, no faces, lights might be coming out of windows - but no shadows, no indicators of human presence, quite a strange feeling. I used to avoid this place at this time of the week, but yesterday I just went and looked for it, and found loneliness right on the streets of this hot city.