Pieds. Stand your ground

Hearts like ours. Every sunday, many families from all over town (and beyond borders) converge at this place. You can have a taste of the real Juarez through out the elements of this cultural equation; the food, the couples grabbing hands, the “urban entertainers”, and of course the children running thru the place, the loud laughs coming from everyone in this pulsing bowl of happyness.

"Food without hospitality is just medicine". Last week we went to a restaurant to do a real world practice on commercial photography. We were presented to many dishes, but not food was offered nor given. Hey! we are professionals, true, but we were hungry. We were hungry professionals 

Strawberries. Missing the champagne

Ocean of lights. It’s been quite a while since the last time I got up there - It makes you feel this bittersweet feeling of being such a small story of this ocean of light, but at the same time this voice in your head whispering “You are part of this”

Solitude. You can feel it as you walk around these lonely streets on sunday evening, something I’ve never experienced in my hometown (juarez, mexico). You see cars parked around, but no people, no faces, lights might be coming out of windows - but no shadows, no indicators of human presence, quite a strange feeling. I used to avoid this place at this time of the week, but yesterday I just went and looked for it, and found loneliness right on the streets of this hot city.

Freedom / Structures 

Inspiration. Is midnight, but we are taking pictures right on a residential street. moving flashes from side to side, not really caring about “how late it is” considering is a thursday. I’ve been wanting to practice this excercise since it was explained on my “product lighting” class, but I was not finding the right spot in my agenda. So, one day I didnt feel like going to the gym, I didnt feel like going to bed early, nor read all the classes material. I just felt like I had to go out and take the pictures I wanted to take, “fuck work tomorrow, I’ll figure it out” -I thought to my self-. The practice went better than expected and fortunately my model was very patient and kind. 

Mi primer exposición: Je ne suis pas photographe, et je ne parle pas français non plus - Presenta una colección de  imágenes mixtas como trabajo final para el taller de Fotografía Digital de la Jefatura de Artes y Oficios de la Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez